Nail it Friday: IsaDora Magic Frost

 Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on a nailpolish from a brand that I don’t think you are that familiar with.

It’s the Swedish brand IsaDora. You might recall I reviewed their face primer a while back? Something they are fantastic with are nailpolishes. I love them! I have quite a few of them.
 I don’t think they carry this shade anymore. When this dries out and go bad I will be properly sad.

Freshly painted it reminds me of snowflakes and pearls. It’s got that frosty pearly effect to it. Two coats should get you the desired opacity. It is very sheer mind you.

After a week of abuse at work it still held up pretty well. It doesn’t have amazing durability, but nor would you expect it from this type of polish.

Which is your favorite pearly shade? I hope Essie does one, in that case, I will be all over it.

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