Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black

I’ve never owned a Maybelline mascara before so the expectations weren’t really that high. I had a look around their display in search of a mascara that was voluminous and intensely black. And without a rubber och silicone wand. My eyes can’t stand those. I picked this up on a whim and I kinda like it.

I didn’t think  much of the formula at first. It took some getting used to. It is somewhere in between wet, waxy and dry. It’s more on the dry side. You have to be pretty quick about getting it just right, mess it up and you’ll end up with spider-leg looking lashes. That is my only complaint. I want to be able to comb through at least two times. Which I can do if I don’t get so much product on the brush and can distribute it evenly and thin on my lashes. I still have to be pretty quick about it.

It stays on all day with no smudging or flaking, apart from fading a bit at the ends after 12 hours. 
Overall I am happy with it but I much prefer Lancomes Definicils over this. But again, this is much much cheaper. And it’s ”drugstore”.
Which are you mascara faves?

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