I really should get these hauls numbers or put something catchy in it!
I did some shopping yesterday before me and hunny went to the movies.

 I used up my daycream/faceprimer a week ago and I tried substituting it with something I had lying around but it totally backfired on me! This has changed my life and face! I’ve never said this about a product before. I used to flare up very bad and get really redhot in my face around four or five in the evening but it hasn’t happened once when I was using this. The week I wasn’t using it came back. Haven’t missed that one bit! How do we like the box to container ratio?

 I’ve been in a dire need of a nightcream for years! This is one thing I’m skipping in my skincare routine. Shame on me! I have very high expectations on this.

If there’s anyone who loves my hair more than me, cares for it more than me it is my hunny! He even asked a girl at his work what she was using in her colored hair to keep it healthy and she recommended this! So he made me get it! Isn’t he sweet? Anyone tried this and liked it?

Keep an eye out for reviews of these. Or at least the two bottom ones. The first one you’ve heard me rave about for ages now!

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