August Favorites

Or more the lack there of.
Hello my little nightowls!
This month there wont be an august favorites post. I could fill one with a lot of nonesense but it doesn’t feel sincere. Frankly I haven’t liked anything new this month and if I were to be reoetitve one more month you all would hunt me down and tell me to quit it already! So instead I would once again like to thank all of you people from all around the globe for taking some time out of your day to read my thoughts. I can’t for the life of me comprehend that people from India, Poland, Ukraine and even as far away as Russia have found my blog! Most of my readers are from Sweden and the Us. And that has me thrilled beyond the moon! But when odd countries you never thought would find you do, you take a moment and send them some happy thoughts! Even UK and France have found their way here. I can say Hi in many languages but not in hindi or polish. Or ukrainian for that matter. I’m quite proud to admit that I can say hi in russian. Might have something to do with the good ol’ gaming days.

Now stop blabbering and go to bed already!

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