Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

I’ve had this lying around forever and never really gotten around to review it.
This is a gloss you never see used or ever hear mentioned anywhere. And for good reason.

The packaging is a plastic cylindrical tube. Your standard lipgloss container. It has a screw cap with the bog standard doefoot applicator. The scent of it reminds me of one of those candy stores they have in old buildings.

The shade I’ve got is 110 Keep A Secret. The shade itself is really pretty. It’s a light dusty pink kinda color with blue, siver and golden microglitters in it.When there’s still the pink under it looks really subtle but when that wears off and it’s just glitter, you look like a discoball. Something about it is really 90’s. Except that it isn’t sticky in any way. It’s really hard to get any product out of the tube. I get  the feeling the formula rather sticks to itself rather than cling to the applicator. This particular shade doesn’t have that much of colorpayoff and it wares off almost immediately as well. If you’re really young or like to top it off every 15 minutes, this is perfect for you. But if you want something that is low maintenance I would skip this. I bet Rimmel does better lipglosses than this.

Which is the worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?

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