First Impression: Cocoa Brown

I wasn’t too long ago I saw this popping up as a new product on Feelunique, but it took me until now to order it.

The packaging is a metal pink can with a nozzle which looks like that of a hairmousse can. The formula is light whipped mousse and it smells a bit of water/honeymelon. It doesn’t smell anything like fake tan or suncream. It smells and looks delicious. It took all my will to not taste it.

It says on the can that it’s a 1 hour tan mousse. On the back it says to moisturize and exfoliate and all that jazz really well beforehand. Which comes as no surprise. I’ve done that mistake before. And it says to leave it on for one hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours for a deep color. Rinse off with just water, no soap. Which was a good thing in my case, because I might’ve used soap.
I moisturized with  a borrowed The Bodyshops satsuma bodybutter. I don’t get the hype round this product. It smells weird and nothing like satsumas! Yuck!! I let that sink in for a minute or two, being the eager one. Then I used the mitt that you can buy with it and spritzed out some mousse. It was the weirdest thing ever seeing eatable stuff coming out of a nozzle and on I went. You can easily see where you’ve put it on or not. I noticed i had to put it on in even strokes and go over some areas again where I’d been a little too eager. I then let it sit put for about an hour and a half. The result of my pale Scandinavian legs being slightly more bronzed. Nothing glittery or glowy. Just a bit more color and it looks super natural. Straight off I couldn’t really tell if there was a difference or not. But now, the day after I can really and honestly tell you there is a difference. I will use this later on today or tomorrow and let it sit for two hours and see what happens. I also noticed that crossing my legs with this on was a bad idea, it rubbed off on the back of my other leg. So one leg is slightly paler than the other. Staying of furniture and wear something that you don’t care too much for might be a good idea.

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