Nail it Friday: Essie A Stroke of Brilliance

I came across this beautiful polish by accident. Totalky by chance and it begged me to come home with me. So it did. And I love it!
It’s one of those glitters you need an opaque polish underneath. The glitterspecks are both small and big, a nice blend of both. I decided, or my fiance decided for me, to put black under. And with a stroke of brilliance over my nails looks like the night sky. Oh I might mention that the glitters are blue. Not silver, but blue. A very cooltoned blue. They come out nice and evenly and applies beautifully. The formula feels a bit gellike. Which I don’t mind in this. It wouldn’t work if it were thinner or thicker. And they stay put for a week straight! Some falls out but overall continues to look good. I will love this til it runs out! And then I shall be very sad. I have a feeling this will be my staple nailpolish this summer.
Which will be your most worn color this summer?

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