Nivea Express Hydration Primer

You might recall from my beautyhaul that I picked up a new primer. It was an instant loveaffair.

 I was in a dire need of a primer. And I didn’t get enough moisture out of my current day creme so I decided to give this a go. Since it combines my two needs I both save money and time. What could it hurt to try? And it didn’t disappoint. It had me from the first touch.

It comes in Niveas standard glass jars. I would prefer it in a glass bottle with a pump. An open container is bound to get bacteria in it after a while no matter how much you clean your hands. You can’t to anything about what’s in the air. Anyway. The formula is great. It feels watery and smooth. On the skin it feels cooling, which is nice when it’s hot outside, when it’s first applied. It sinks in immediately and works its magic. The skin gets smoother and over time it gets more hydrated as well. Makeup looks fantastic on top of it. Both creme and powder. It makes my foundation stay put. I have yet to find a foundation that stays put and looks good for more than 6 to 8 hours. I will say this, it doesn’t smell like Nivea stuff usually do. It smells like PROFFS mousse. It doesn’t smell anything when it’s been on your skin for a while. If it did, I wouldn’t use it.
I would recommend this for any skintype. From early teens to mid 30’s. Go try it!!

I have noticed that I reach for Niveas stuff over any other brand. No, I’m not sponsored to say this. It’s just that I can trust their things. They don’t do me any harm, they perform well, they have a great pricepoint and they can be found just about anywhere.

50ml 80 SEK (£7.17, $12.08 and 8.86 Euro)

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