Nail it Friday: OPI Louvre me Louvre me not

I’ve wanted to show you guys this polish for so long. But every time I think if using it, I change my mind, be cause I know what a nightmare it is!
 At first glance it doesn’t look any special. Except it’s a gorgeous plummy color with a vine undertone.

At closer inspection you can see there’s a million pieces of stardust hidden in there- That’s what drew me in to buy it in the first place.

The glimmer is hardly noticeable on the nails, but I know it’s there. Why don’t I like this then? Oh, where shall I start? First off, since it is an OPI polish it means high end. That in turns had my expectations pretty high. It applies unevenly like mad. I have to put another polish underneath to even give it a fighting chance to look good. It streaks and the color payoff isn’t the best. It gets darker closer to the nail bed and gets thinner as you go. The formula is really really thin! I think there’s where it falters. If the formula had been just a tiny bit thicker it wouldn’t have these problems. But since it’s so thin it dries fast? You could think that, but you would be wrong. Why do I use it then? Be cause it is sooooo pretty! It’s a gorgeous sophisticated color. Looks nothing like the bottle no matter what you do. As for wearing time, you get about three to four days use out of it. Pretty ok, not great.

My first ever OPI polish and it disappointed me. I wouldn’t recommend buying this. Not that I think you can anymore. But if you find it, take another one instead. My honest and most heartfelt opinion.

Which OPI polish do you love or hate? Which polish drives you absolutely up the walls?

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