Maybelline Babylips Peach Kiss

I could barely hold in my excitement when I found out that the Babylips finally, finally, had made their way over here. Must’ve been a long and troublesome journey to take them two years I so envy you guys over in the states! You don’t know how good you have it!
I found mine in a sales shop and snagged just one. I wasn’t too sure about the other ones but I thought that Peach Kiss looked promising.
And let me tell you, I am hooked!

Standard plastic packaging in a very nice pastelly purple color. Think I have a nailpolish in a similar color.
 A pinkypeachy tone with a slight brown undertone to it. Don’t worry, that’s just what the bullet looks like.
  It’s very sheer bordering on no pigmentation at all.
On the lips it looks a little bit peachy with golden microglitters. Very natural and nude. It applies evenly and smells amazing! Smells just like the candy in the picture below. When you first get it on your lips it feels watery and soft. No stickyness or pleasantries. My lips can be without a fault when I first apply any lipproduct just to get chapped and horrible later in the day. Doesn’t matter what lipproduct it is. Not if it’s a pure lipbalm, that would be impossible? I wouldn’t describe the Babylips as a lipbalm. Sure it feels balmy at first. I’d more say it’s a lipgloss with a slight lipbalm effect to it. It doesn’t stay hydrated for very long and the color fades after an hour or so. I think it’s a very nice product to throw on just to feel a little bit more awake and put together.
 Google picture. It smells just like this candy! Who else thought these were the best back in the day? I used to have one around my neck all the time!

It is supposed to stay hydrated for 8 hours and give you better lips in a weeks time. I don’t believe either of those statements. As I mentioned above, it stops feeling hydrated after an hour. It is said to have spf 20 in it which is good. 
All in all I love it!
39 sek (£3,59, $5,94 and 4,32 Euro.)
How do you like the Babylips?

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