I’ve finally made up my mind!

Todays post is gonna be about the ever so popular Wake me up foundation from Rimmel. Everyone seems to love it! They go on and on about how great it is. So naturally I decided to give it a go. I really wanted to love it and was so excited when it came over from the Uk.

At first looking at the packaging I was scared of trying it. It looks really glittery in the bottle.

I tried it for the longest time without a primer and I really wanted to love it. it looked sort of great the first couple of hours on and then it went from light powdery to darker liquidy mess. It sinks right into he pores and any fine lines that I might’ve gotten over the years. I’m only 24 but me like everybody else have lived and laughed. It made my skin look even dried and flaky and oh my god it looked pretty awful after just four hours! So I decided it must be something wrong with my skin and moisturizer so I changed that and got myself a primer. I look even drier now!! I like the lightreflecting part of it but not that it sinks in to my pores and makes my skin look even drier. And that in changes color and goes from a bit of a powdery finish to a more sticky liquidy finish. I really thought this would be a great foundation for me since I’ve heard other people with dry skin like it. But I don’t. To be honest with you I think I will give it to my sister and get a new one for myself. And now it has started to itch a bit on my skin as well. It has a slight fragrance to it which I really don’t mind. But my skin seems to now after three weeks of use. I will e using it today as well and then I wont!

88 SEK ( £8 & $13.55 )

I’m sorry Rimmel. I so wanted to love it! On the up side it is a great color math to my winterskin. I used findation to get it right.

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