October Favorites

So we’re done with October and we’re eagerly awaiting my month! Not really mine but I’m a November child.
October for me went by in a flash. I’ve tried some new things and some have made their way here. The rest will certainly come in due time.

 First off, a hair mask from Gunry. I use it once a week to the ends of my hair. Just to give them some love. And gosh do I love the smell of this?! It smells like summer strawberries. And it gets the job done.
 The only facial scrub I’ve ever used is Niveas skin refining scrub. It’s essentially blue gue with small specs inside. It’s very gentle to my sensitive skin. It removes dead skincells, cleans and re hydrates. It’s the second or third tube I’m using. Lasts a very long time I might add.
 And this yellow ray of sunshine might look familiar if you’ve read my blogpost on it. Simply love it. I found that it left less residue if I sprayed it in damp hair. Just a tip for you.
 No one can have missed the rave about Maybellines color tattoos. I will be doing a side by side review of these soon. The last week or so I have used them together and it looks stunning! I have on and on bronze and rose gold.
Another new love of mine is this sort of translucent settingpowder from Rimmel. I don’t know about the clear complexion part since I haven’t used it for that long. But my guess is it doesn’t hurt either.

Have you tried any of these? What’s been your fave thing through October?

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