Youtube’s 20 Beauty Questions Tag

I was in the mood for a tag. I don’t know if there’s anyone going around right now, but I found this one and thought I’d do it on my blog. Seeing as I don’t have a Youtube Channel.

1. Which product would you save if your house burnt down? I think I would save my DKNY My NY perfume.
2. Which makeup artist would you have doing your makeup? Oh, I’ve never thought about it but maybe Lisa Eldrige or Mika from Make Up Store?
3. Which celebrity does people think you look like? I don’t know. When I was younger people said Britney Spears. Back then it was a compliment. What do you guys think? 😉
4. Which beauty item do you save for Date Night? I save the more sparklier eyeshadows and nicer perfumes for the Date Nights. But more often than not our date nights involve go drifting, do something to the car or just chill out at home and then there is no need for dressup.

5. Whom of your male friends takes longer time than you to get ready? Oooh, if I knew I would tease them endlessly. But sometimes my fiance takes longer time than me.

6.If you were to create your own magic beauty item, what would it be? I would develop something hyper allergenic and clinically tested. Maybe a one step serum. No more faffing with different skincare items, just the one!
7. Which is your best beauty tip? Get the sleep you need, drink lots of water and when your skin starts to act up, wash your brushes and change pillowcases. That works like a charm for me.
8. What beauty products do you love to splurge on?
 Mascara and perfumes.
9. Which beauty Guru on Youtube would you take shopping? Fleur DeForce of course!!
10. What is your signature scent?
 Versace Versus and DKNY My NY edp.
11. I’m on a constant hunt for the perfect …..? Foundation and concealer.
12. How many beauty products does it take you to get ready in the morning? If it’s workday then about 7. If I’m going someplace, a bit more than that.

13. Which lipstick/lipgloss lives in your handbag right now? None, since I’ve been running around with my camerabag all summer.
14. Who is your celebrity icon? Believe it or not, no one. I’m past the point where I strive to be like somebody else. I am quite happy being me. 

15. Name a makeup brand you’d like to be the face of. Oh, eeerm…I’ve never thought about it. Make up Store? Lancôme?
16. Which is your alltime favorite nailpolish? Not as much a shade as a brand, Essie all the way!
17. Favorite mascara right now? Miss Hippie from L’Oreal.
18. Last product you picked up at Sephora? Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, which I later returned. Nothing has really caught my eye in there since.
19. I try to never be seen without ……? Makeup at all if I can help it. At least let me put on some mascara. It’s not because I hate the way I look, it has more to do with wanting to look somewhat put together.

20. Which beauty item do you always recommend?  L’Oreal Miss Manga and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.

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