Nyx Hot Singles Eyeshadow

I was beyond excited when I saw that Kicks started carrying Nyx makeup on their site. They are otherwise very har dto find ins tores here. You can order them directly of Nyx’s own swedish webshop too. 

I debated a while which colours to get and googled around for swatches of them. These two made the final cut. I opted for something more subtle and something I could vear on a day to day basis, fooling myself that I would actually make the effort every morning before heading to work. Those of you who have been following me for a while knows that I am in a very male dominated line of work and don’t always feel like sticking out too much.
They come in the cutest dinky packaging. You open them up tugging just under the bow. How cute id that bow??

I couldn’t find a swatch anywhere of  Naked Truth, the one to the left, so that was a bit if a gamble. I found a lot of nice swatches of Sin however (to the right)

But, as you see, that didn’t help me out very much. They are very very sheer and feels stiff in the pan. On the upside they don’t kick off any powder nor do they smell of anything in perticular. THey weren’t that expensive so my thought was if I ended up not liking them, that wouldn’t be such a big tragedy. The plan was to depot them and put them in my lilac Z Palette, but seeing as how they performed, I’m not gonna bother.

The on I actually could see me continue using is Naked Truth. Perfect to blend out another shade in the crease or use as a light wash over the entire lid to give a nice base for any other shadow. Sin on the other hand disappointed me greatly. I thought it would be a very nice powder version of Maybellines Color Tatto in Pink Gold. This is kinda nice to put over it but it doesn’t make that hughe of a difference. I don’t get how the people from the photos got this to show up at all in the pictures.
I will order more of this sometime soon and see how I get on with those. These I don’t recommend.
1.5g 49SEK (£4.17 $6.02 and 5.28 Euro)

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