What I got for Christmas 2015

I finally got around to gather all my Christmas presents for a photoshoot. I had a really great Christmas with lots of hughs, good food, more candy than I care to remember and of course, the occasional present. Take a look at what I was lucky enough to recieve this year.

From my youngest sister I got a nailkit from Depend. The laquers both look like someting I would normally wear. I’ve never seen the point of the nailwrap trend, but I will give these a go.

 From the other sister I got a book I’ve wanted since before it came out. Astrid Lindgren, the world famous Swedish author, who wrote Pippi Longstocking amonst others, kept diaries through World War II. That’s how she began writing. I’ve never cared much for the wars when I was in school, but this is very interesting. You never get to read about how your own country was affected or what happenes here in school, just how it affected the world as a whole and who was allied with whom.

From hunney I got a new graphics card! Oh my god, he spoils me soo. Can’t show you what the actual card looks like, I installed it in my gaming rig two minutes after opening it. I’ve spent a lot of time with it since. LOVE IT!!

From my mother-in-law and her husband I got a makeup kit, a haircolor and the help of putting it in my hair, a bunch of purple baubles and a makeup brush. Probably something else that I’ve forgotten to take a photo of.

From hunneys grandparents I got a vase, palstic roses, a fruit bowl, napikins, books and a candle holder. Very cute.

 From hunneys little brother I got a remote for my camera. So great for long exposures and to minimise the vibrations in the picture caused by shakiug hands. Tried it straight away.

I have no idea how they got to talking about me and Toyotas, but some thecnichan at hunneys work fixed this one for me.

From my parents I got two bedsets with dolphins, socks, thermo leggings, a giftcard, my fave showergel,a glass nailfile and cozy PJ’s with me on them.

Thank you, thank you everyone for the lovely gifts! Got thoroughly spoilt this Christmas.

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