Review: Idun Brunkulla

Today I thought we’d take a closer look at this little palette that’s been living in my drawer for quite some time now. It’s from the brand Idun and is called Brunkulla which roughly translates to Brown girl. Brun being brown and kulla being an old Swedish word for girl. A history lesson as well as a language lesson, that ain’t half bad.

 I like the packaging. Black compact casing with a beautiful mythical girl on the front. I imagine her to be a forest nymph. Right now I can’t remember what Idun was the godess of, or if she even was a godess.

 Inside you have a decent sized mirror and four brown shades. Nice packaging. Except for the part that mine broke in one of the hinges without warning. Part of the plastic bit just fell of.

Pretty bad picture of the shades actually. There is a champagne color, a subtle gold one that isn’t chunky, a bronze one and a dark brown which I would’ve wished was matte and not as chunky. This is the only bad shade in here. The rest of the shades are buttery smooth and easy to blend. Witha primer underneath you get an amazing colorpayoff and an okay weartime. Shadows in general don’t tend to stay on my lids for that long if I don’t use a primer and a creme base.

You can find Idun Mineral cosmetics in just about every Swedish pharmacy now. If you see it, I highly recommend you give it a try. I am curious to try more things from the brand. I think this is somewhere around 200SEK. I was lucky enough to recieve mine as a gift from my mom.
4x1g 200 SEK (£15.5, $23.5 and 21.44 Euro)

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