March Favorites

Finally a month where I feel that I’ve discovered something new and really liked something. The past two months have been kinda mhe on that front.

From left to right:
Bourjois Bronzing Powder + highlighter
Schwarzkopf Got2B dry shampoo. Smells amazing by the way.
Maybelline Browsatin. Like the pencil end for natural days. Which is every workday lets be honest.
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. Can’t get enough of it!
NUXE Masque Créme Fraiche de Beauté. Which is just a fancy french name for daily moisturizer.
Nivea Sensitive Night Cream. I gave this some hate at first but this have been a savior for my skins outburst!
A noname angled duo-fiber eyeshadowbrush.
And my RealThecniques Expert Face brush that I can’t to live without. I refuse to!!

Tell me, what have you been loving this month?

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