The Best in Beauty 2014

I saw Fleur from Fleur DeForce do one of these when I first discovered her wonderful realm a few years back and loved it! So I thought I’d try my hand at it as well.

Make yourself a nice cup of something you like to drink, put your feet up and enjoy! Cuz this is gonna be a lengthy one.

2014 has been an amazing year beauty wise for me. I’ve made some real discoveries. I’ve fallen in love with a lot of products but I’ve also have had plenty of misses. You have to kiss some frogs in order to find your prince!

I think we’ll start with the face?
A good start for a good foundation-day starts with a clean and happy face. I’ve really made an effort this year to get my skin in a happy place.

My absolute number one love this year will come as no surprise since I have raved on and on about it. It’s the Express Hydration Primer from Nivea for normal skin.
I think I’ve gone through 2 or 3 jars of this.

 A new discovery that I’m also loving is the Skin Perfection Unifying Day Moisturiser from L’Oreal. It’s a bit thicker in consistency than the Nivea but it feels so amazing on the skin. It sinks right in and does its thing.

This was an absolute dream to use! My review of this is one of the most well read posts this year. How and why that happened I cannot imagine. But thank you!
 This is the Decubal basic face wash. Was very sad when I finished this.

 Also a new discovery of mine and a little treat is the African Read Tea foaming cleanser from Ole Henriksen. I stumbled upon this when I was browsing Feeluniques page. I am yet to give this a full review as well but I am absolutely loving it! Buying the full size will be a huge commitment but this tiny one has lasted me quite a while.

This is a great wake-me-up thing in the morning! The cold metal ball makes you somewhat awake in the morning. It feels so nourishing and smooth.

I have used two scrubs this year which I’ve liked.
First one is an oldie but a goodie, that I for some reason didn’t take a photo off when I had it, but it’s from Nivea and it’s their Skin refining scrub. Used it a ton when I was still in school and it’s still something that I go back to.

The other one is Cliniderms 2 in 1 peeling and mask. Made out of rice pearls and contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I first scrub my whole face with it and then leave it on for a minute or two as a mask.

Face brushes have been all the hype for years. I’ve considered investing in one but the price tag put me off. It wasn’t until fairly recently I discovered a very very affordable one. So affordable that I thought that if I didn’t like it I could always throw it away. I’ve used it once or twice a week and I noticed such a huge difference in my skin texture! I never want to be without it again! It’s from a brand called Melissa. It’s a brand that does everything from vacuum cleansers to food processors to this. Simple  but amazing!

Now on to makeup.

I didn’t find a stand alone primer this year. The hunt continues.

For foundation it has to be my rock and gem that I use every single day that I wear makeup. The Infallible foundation from L’Oreal in 120 vanilla. It stays on all day and it’s a great color match- however, since my review on this I’ve noticed it can be a bit too thick on it’s own and a little bit too dry for winter time. I solved both of those issues by mixing it with a bit of my moisturizer.
Works wonders!

As for concealer this has to be it. I wouldn’t say it works amazing as a concealer but it works under my eyes and as a highlighter. It’s creamy and blends really well. I have number 15.

 I only own one proper eyeshadow primer but I like it. I think I got it early this year using a giftcard. It’s Make Up Stores clear eyeprimer. It jsut glues everything into place and makes the colors really pop. Absolutely worth checking out if you can find this brand where you live.

Eyeshadows, oh eyeshadows! Where does one begin?? Creamy? Yeah let’s start there.

Maybelline Color Tattoos should come as no surprise. I have them in three different colors and I must say that I do prefer the pink and bronze one over the blue. I though I’d get more use out of it. But it fades too quickly and to be honest, whats the point in putting something on that you know will fade? Anywho Pink Gold and On and On Bronze are amazing and two staples in my makeup bag!

As for powders I’ve been enjoying NYX Love in Rio palette and WetnWilds Walking on eggshells. If I hadn’t smashed the single in nutty I would’ve put it here as well. I got it, took a photo of it and dropped it, all within 24 hours! I was so sad! I think I still have it here somewhere. Need to throw that away and get a new one. The color is so beautiful!

I like the matte taupe shade and the white one best from my Love in Rio palette. The taupe is perfect to throw in the crease with a blending brush and the white is the best matte highlighting shade there is! It’s so subtle and natural looking.

From the Walking on eggshells palette I prefer the pink shade. Which might be visible? The bronze doesn’t kick off that much color. The satiny white one is beautiful as well. Wonder if you can depot just those two shades?

It’s been a very disappointing mascara year. I’ve tried a few but only liked L’Oreals Miss Manga. Think it was released this year as well. Don’t quote me on that. Loved everything about it!

I like everyone else, hates to do my eyebrows. But I have to! I’m actually thinking of dying mine a bit darker. But for now I’ll have to settle for what I’ve got and oh man was this a hit from day one for me! I don’t care what others say that the brush is to big and flimsy and the formula goes everywhere. I beg to disagree! I happen to love the brush and formula. It works amazingly well for me! I have shaky hands and I still manage to make my brows look a lot better with this. Thank you Maybelline for making this!

 2014 was a year that I dove head over heels into the bronzing pond! The year before I had searched high and low to no avail. But this year they were literally everywhere! I actually have three that are great. One I wont put in here since it’s a copy and I don’t think it would be ethically correct to tell you about it and tell you where to get it. So instead I will put two very real ones in here instead.

NYC’s sunny is almost worth all the hype it has. I think it’s a bit to orange for my skintone. It works and I can pull it off but I have to be very cautious when I apply it.

The other one I got for christmas so I haven’t had it for that long but I fell in love with it instantly! It’s Bourjois Bronzing Powder and highlighter. I can see why this carry so much love around it! I’ve only got one complaint about it. I heard somewhere it should smell like chocolate. It smells more like an old ladys perfume to me. I recognize the scent but I can’t for the life of me place it! It doesn’t stink when it’s on your skin so don’t worry! The highlighting part in this is gorgeous as well! Very subtle and almost none detectable.

I know I gave this a bit of hate in the beginning when I first got it but I’ve almost used all of it. Cudos to me for not loosing it, washing it or misplaceing it!
Maybe it isn’t super hydrating for realy dry lips but for a day to day lipbalm it works. Slap it on and forget it’s there. Gives a nice little sheen to. Not as amazing when you try to put lipcolor over it but otherwise it’s fine. And it smells like my favorite childhoos candy!

 I am terrible at wearing anything on my lips with color in it! I am horrible at wearing lipproducts at all! I thought it would get better when I forced my younger sister to send me some Revlon colorbursts when she was in Tokyo. Those lipcrayons were everywhere and I even dreamt that I was shopping for them myself but couldn’t find the really chubby ones. Oh my god that was way to much info but anyway. My favorite has been honey.

And Revlons lipbutter in Papaya. I often put that one on when I leave the house. put in my bag and forget that I have it with me.

Oh and my brush. THE brush of the year is my Real Thecniques Expert Face brush! Love it! Go get it!!
Have no idea why the picture all of a sudden turned over like this when I uploaded it. Oh well, tilt your head and imgaine the softness of this!

Thats it for makeup.

On to fragrance! They are three and I love them equally as much!
Versaces Versus that I’ve had for a few years now. Only use it on special occasions.

Donna Karans My NY that you might recognize! Also one that I use on special occasions. To nice to use on a daily basis! Still so stoked I got this! When I get my vanity inside the house I will have this on top of it!

 Found this the other week and couldn’t believe my luck. Got the mini one for Christmas as well so I’m twice as happy. Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck reminds me of Donna Karans My NY but softer. Don’t know if they have any notes in common, but I suspect they do.

I was gonna put nailpolishes here. But I feel this is way too long already. if you want to see them in a seperate post, leave me a comment. And if you’ve made it this far I take off my hat to you! You are my hero! If you haven’t dozed off I’d love to see what you guys have been liking in 2014.
 I hope the new year bring you a lot of happiness and memories you’ll carry in your heart forever!

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