Mini Haul!

I read a fellow countrywomans blog and she had found an awesome website where she had ordered beautybrands that are otherwise hard or impossible to find here. Or even to get shipped here! I was over the moon and beyond with excitement and happiness. The site is craycray.se!

I immediately found NYC’s stuff and eyed up their infamous bronzer sunny. But it was out of stock. Then out of the blue they brought in Maybellines Color Tattoos in a few limited colors I saw glamlifeguru haul ages ago! Haven’t been able to find those at all anywhere else. But it still took me a few good weeks to make up my mind, put my foot and decide that I was worth it! So I ended up ordering the color tattoo in Seashore Frosts and the NYC bronzer Sunny.

The packaging of the bronzer feels really plasticy and cheap. But the product itself is really promising.

Annoyingly the name isn’t written anywhere on the eyeshadow, so somehow I will have to remember the name of this. Or have this post as a reference in the future.

I’ve had a few days to play around with them and so far I really really like them! I’ll give each of them a proper review when they are fully tested.

Sorry ladies, looks like sunny is out of stock again. But keep your eyes peeled!

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