Rimmel Scandaleyes

I hauled this a while back together with a lot of other goodies. I’ve played around with it and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

First off it’s a waterproof kohl kajal from Rimmels Scandaleyes collection. Everyone and everything have tried this and reviewed it. Most people thoughts on it is that it’s a good waterproof eyepencil. That it’s intensly black and that you can smudge it out to get a smokey eye. 

 The packaging is your standard liner/eyepen. I thought this was a none sharpen pen at first but apparently not. I’ll have to try and sharpen mine pretty soon.

Looks black and intense alright. I’m sorry my hand looks a bit discolored, I smacked in a tabletop and ended up with a ginormous bruise.
I let it sit for a while before trying to smudge it. You can but you have to rub pretty hard.
Conclusion then? My only problem is that it isn’t waterproof! It dissolves and disappears on my waterline! And it irritates my eyes a little bit. I don’t wear this every day so it shouldn’t harm me in any way. And my eyes reacts the same way to dry air too so. Other than that it’s great! And it doesn’t break the bank!
It costs somewhere around 50 SEK (£4.36 $7.25 and 5.45 Euro) give or take.
Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?

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