I feel like shopping!

I’m out with a massive headache todat and that flipping dizzyness again, but the weather is lovely and put me in a spring mood. Which then put me in a shopping mood and I feel like placing a massive order on feelunique. How bad is it when you again and again dream about those lipcrayons? I want one so badly in a nice color but only a few brands here carry them and they are so expensive! I’ve concidered this carefully and I will order one from Rimmel and maybe an apocalypsethingy lipgloss too. Oh and I desperatly need an eyecream. Enough excuses young lady, get your bum out of bed, make some breakfast and start that pc! Oh I feel like a mangosmoothie but I don’t have any fruits or yoghurt at home. Boo..

What did you guys have for breakfast? Any product recommendations for me?

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