Bad Response

Everyone is raving about  argan oil and other oils in general. All about their benefits and stuff. I don’t have dry hair since I’m a natural blonde, but I do have a dry scalp so maybe it could benefit from some of those benefits. I decided that ”hey whatever, argan oil can’t be that bad for my hair can it?”.  So I got both the shampoo and conditioner.

First off, the packaging is typical response with the colibri and leaf imprint on the caps. I love that! Then we get into the product itself. Oh man does it smell heavily! It almost knocked me out. Response shampoos are a bit more heavily fragranced than others. But this one in particular is really heavily scented. And it doesn’t go away when you rinse it out either. It hangs around all day! And halfway through the net day even if you just put water through it when you shower in the morning. It stinks! The formula feels oily and not in a good way either. The conditioner is slightly better formulated and not as heavily scented. I used the conditioner twice before I realized I didn’t need it. The shampoo was so oily my hair didn’t have the urge to knot itself up. I used the shampoo for maybe a week or two before my hair had a major hizzy fit! It got dry and itchy and started to get a lot of those dry white specks. It’s disgusting! And I blame you Response! I had a really bad hair response! They weren’t worth the try or the money. Even though I got them really cheep. They were newly launched here when I picked them up. I’ve seen a hair mask in the range as well and I will not be picking that up. I won’t go anywhere near it!

Have you tried anything from the brand and how did you like it?

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