Post Christmas Shopping

I somehow decided that it was a great, no brilliant, idea yesterday to do some shopping. Score some great deals at the post Christmas sales. My local mall was jampacked with people. Why do we go thru this willingly every year? Next year I think I only will be shopping online. Or not. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I scored an OPI nailpolish at only half price. I was a happy camper all the way home. Scored some PS3 games as well, but since this is a beautyblog only, I will show you my new pride and joy.

It is a purple polish with glitters in it. I haven’t tried it yet. And since this is my first from the brand as well I have hughe expectations. It’s called louvre me louvre me not. Get it? A flirt at the glaspyramid museum in Paris. I paid 75 SEK ( £6.98 & $11.49) Remember this was half price.

Did you find anything lovely or just a bunch of grumpy people?

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