The Princess Tag

I’ve seen this tag go around youtube like mad lately. I watched the first one whihch is made by the lovely Tati aka glamlifeguru on youtube. I thought it was a really great tag. Buuuuut, since I don’t make videos, yet, I thought I could do a written one instead here on my blog. Where I rule! *insert smile*

Since all makeup here is superridicoulusly expensive I haven’t tried as much higher end stuff. I’m really curious to do it so I’m just waiting for the money to come rollin’ so I can go bananas! I hope you’ll like my take on this tag and keep on reading.

1. Foundation
I haven’t tried a high end foundation yet but I would love to try a M.A.C foundation or one from Dior.

2. Concealer
Again, haven’t tried one. Don’t know any I would like to try either. Recommendations?

3. Powder
Oh, I just remembered I have tried a high end foundation powder so since it’s a mix I will put it here! ID Bare Minerals! Ha! Got the wrong shade but it sort of worked and I kinda liked it.

4. Bronzer
I just got my first ever bronzer and as a bronzer it was a fail but as highlighter it’s super. I’d love to try Too Faced or Guerlain. Or Jouer.

5. Blush
Since I have naturally rosy cheeks and hate it I don’t use blush. I am super afraid of using one as well. I guess if I woud be rbave I woud try one from Benefit or the heartshaped one from Too Faced. I played around with it in a store a while back and got glitter all over my jacket arm!

6. Highlighter
Hourglass ambient light for sure! Would love to have a go at that stuff!

7. Eyeshadow
I actually own one high end eyeshadow. Or two. Make up Stores Microshadows. One in satin and one in Midnight Sailor! Other’s I would love to have a go at are M.A.C’s for sure and Urban Decays Naked palettes!

8. Eyeliner
Wow, again afraid of using the stuff since I’m so fair skinned and blonde. I dunno. Any recommendations?

9. Mascara
I love high end mascaras. They are worth the extra money! I’ve actually have had two come to think of it. One from Make up Store and Lancomes Definicils. Loved the latter so much! And I want to try Hypnose Star! Think I will get it for myself for christmas. Cheeky cheeky.

10. Lip liner
Don’t use it.

11. Lipstick
I try to use it. Don’t own any but YSL’s golden ones with the lipstick colour as a decor on the outside. Rouge Voluptés would be fun to have! They are so beautifully designed!

12. Lip gloss
Actually own one and again it’s from Make up Store and is called rif-raf.

13. Brows
Want to try Anastasias brow wiz!

14. Misc
Here you can choose candle or tool or whatever! High on my wishing list there’s a GHD curler!

15. Nailpolish
I don’t know if this counts as high end anywhere else since they are about 6-8 dollars in the states and I have no idea what they cost in England but here they certainly are high end clocking in right under the 20 dollar mark! Yes you read it right! 20! And it is the Essie nailpolishes. And I was lucky enough to buy one for a little bit more than half the price! So in my collection I have leading lady. I want all the cameleon ones as well and I am desperate to try Butter London. They are even more expensive here than the Essie nailpolishes!

So, that was my take on the princess tag. Hope you liked it!

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