Review – IsaDora BB Cream

I totally didn’t intend to get this but whils groceryshopping I found a jar with travel sized makeup. Just there is a recipe for disaster, who can refuse travel sized anything? I’ve never seen makeup in this form before and was rather intrigued. I ended up only picking up a BB Cream from IsaDora.
I have a hate love realtionshiop when it comes to them. I love their nailpolishes but their makeup has been more of misses than hits for me.

Perfect size for trying out but they only had one shade. Luckily, that was a pretty good match for me. The first time I tried it I wans’t blown away by it. But I continued using it and now I have a better opinion of it. It glides right on and blends beautifulli into the skin with the warmth of my fingers.
I haven’t tried it with a brush yet but I’m sure that would work as well. The formula is very lightweight and still manages to have a bit more coverage to it than your average BB cream. So I like that about it and the fact that it contains SPF 12 and hasn’t broken me out.

When it comes to packaging there is alot lacking. The tube is pretty sleek but I don’t get the dip end. It’s not a pipette and it doesn’t pick up enough product to cover your entire face in one go. I tried squeezing the tube and ended up making a hughe mess. Like the formula but not the packaging.
15ml 39SEK (£3.63 $4.51 and 4.04Euro)

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