Make Up Store Matte Foundation

Make Up Store is one of those brands that you rarely see, or hear anything about. You are always curious and when you see one of their stores, you have to go in. I’ve tried a few things from the brand, but never a foundation. I few years back I had a girl in my local store try one out on my face and I liked it. Sadly I never paid any attention to the name of it at the time. 

My local store had some great deals going on, changing every week, last month. This particluar day they had a discount on foundations and I had to go in.
This is what I came out with.
I really like their new packaging. Makes them look more exclusive.

Got it’s claims on the back for your convenience.
I got it in the shade Vanilla.

A plastic bottle with Make Up Store embossed on the bottle. Looks really nice and expensive.

Got a pump, bonus points!

I asked the girl in the store for a lightweight natural formula that would cover up the redness without clogging my pores.

It feels very lightweight and nourishing. But it is a major pain to blend into the skin! Doesn’t matter what tool I use or primer underneath. Even tried to use it without a primer. Same result. It sits funny on the skin and feels sticky all day. It doesn’t stay on very long either once you do get it blended.
It’s a real shame since the color matches me really well. 
I’m so sad about it and I don’t know what to do with it. It will have to sit in my drawer and annoy me further until I decide.
30ml 289SEK at full price (£25.54 $33.99 and 30.27 Euro)

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