Makeup Revolution London – Iconic 3 Palette

I’ve had this palette for abouta year now and thought it due time to give you guys my opinion of it.
Makeup Revolution, or Revolution, is starting to pop up everywhere now. I had never heard of the brand before when I got this but they ahd loads of stuff that was appealing to me.

The packaging does look nice and sleek. Everyone back when I got this tried to make copies of Urban Decay’s oh so loved Naked Palettes. This is no exception.

Since I never could make up my mind which one to get this was a good alternative.

A nice variety of rosy colors. You have evrything from your very daytime nude to your night out smokier shades.

You will notice straight of that the lighter shades are very powdery and uneven.
They smell exactly like the cheap kids makeup that I frist encountered as a little girl.
YOu know the ones that came in plastic hearts and that was only meant for fun and games?

The fifth shade from the left is without a doubt my favorite shade of these. They feel buttery smooth, like they would melt and the darker shades swatches pretty ok.

They don’t blend incredibly well and you have to work them in for a while. Nor is the staying power any good and I noticed itching on my arm straight after swatching these. They may swatch really well but loaded up on a brush they are so so in pigmentation. As I said, I’ve had them for about a year now and I never reach for them. I will be retiering this to the bin without any regrets. I don’t want to risk putting anything on my face that irritates my much less sensitive skin on my arms.
I got mine from craycray.se and I paid like 69SEK for it at the time. (£5.85 $8.48 and 7.43 Euro)
I will be trying more from the brand in the future and let you guys know what I think.

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