Kicks BB Cream

Since we’re fast approaching the warmer months and I was in the mood for something a bit more fuss free I ordered a BB Cream from Kicks. I haven’t tried a lot of their own makeup before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

It comes in your standard plastic tube. I think it looks rather sleek with the silver embossing on it.

No pump which has started to become a trendy thing on otherwise squeezing tubes.
I like the idea of BB creams. Targeting your skin issues, having abuilt in SPF and being slightly tinted.

They come in three shades. Light, medium and dark, which is pretty much standard for these products. I got the lightest shade thinking better too light than too dark. Turns out, the lightes shade is a tiny bit too dark for me. I am not the palest person in the universe so I was shocked by this. I can make it work by using a tiny ammount. The formula is very nourishing and light feeling, takes a minute to blend in and saldy enough, it is pink i undertone. I am yellow to neutral. It oxidises a bit darker too. I have to be really careful not to put too much on and set it properly with powder. It isn’t as fuss free as I had hoped. And seeing as it is made my a Swedish brand I thought it really would be lighter in colour. I think I will keep on using it. Otherwise Kicks has a policy on their own brand, shouldn’t you like it for whatever reason you can return it and get a full refund.
30ml 149SEK ($18.54 £12.68 and 16.19 Euro)

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