Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics eyepencil duo

Some of you might remember this from a haul a while back. I’ve never owned anything from Urban Decay before and it’s been on my dream list for forever. They have so many fun and unique things but they are hard to get ahold of.

Yes, I still have the box it came in. I seriously need to throw it away now.

It’s their dual ended 24/7 glide on eyepencil that is supposed to complement the Naked Basics palette. 
The pearly-end is called Venus and the dark chocolate-end is called Crave.
It’s a very creamy formula but it needs some warming up before it glides on. This for me was a so so product. I thought it would be one of those eyepencils that actually stays in your waterline, biut I am yet to find one of those. It doesn’t irritate my eyes but after 30-60min it’s completely gone. It works better for thightlining tough. 

I like using Venus in my inner croner to open up my eyes and just give them a little hint of light. Makes me look more awake as well. I prefer using crave smudged in the outher v of the eyelid when I do more smokier/darker looks. Rarely happens but when the mood strikes.
I am glad I have it in my arsenal but I seriously don’t see what the fuss is about. Migth just be personal preference.
Which UD product is your holy grail?

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