Review: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation

Since the L’Oreal True Match foundation was such a fiasko, I ran out the door and picked up a new one. In the tester it felt more moisturized and blendable. And not as runny. Oh my gosh, this was such a waste of money as well. I’ve had really bad luck with foundations lately. Or I just got pickier after my Borjouis one. Either way, I ended up benching this and ordering a new Healthy Mix Serum foundation.
But here’s my thoughts on the Dream Satin Liquid.

It comes in a nice glassbottle, which always feels more luxorious too me. Means I can drop it and the odds are pretty high that it will survive. It has a pump, also a bonus. The color was a really good match for me. I picked out 1 Natural Ivory. It has an SPF of 13. I don’t know the claims it’s supposed to have, and I don’t really care either. It blended pretty okay into the skin, but it made every pore on my face look absolutely hughe! That’s never happened to me before. I was startled to say the least when I looked in the mirror. This also klings to any dry patches you might have and it oxidises after a few hours. The staying power isn’t that great either, not even with a primer underneath. I tried mixing it with my usual facecream so that it wouldn’t kling to my skin, but to no avail. I am really disappointed in it. I loved the Dream Matte Mousse foundations when they first came out. I wanted this to be just as good.
Give this a wide birth and pick up something else. Or if you like it, keep using it. I will be passing this too along to someone in better need of it.
30ml 149SEK (£12 $17.78 and 16.29Euro)

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