September Favorites 2015

Gonna try this one last time. If it doesn’t work I am gonna throw this down the bin and not do this post at all. Blogger is trying to make me kill myself.

 Schwarzkopf Got2B dry shampoo. Not gonna dwell here because you all know how much I love this.
L’Oreal Elvital Fibralogy shampoo and condtioner.
Defied myself to try a new shampoo and buy the matching conditioner for once. Decided to give this a go. Smells a lot, on the brink of obnoxious really. Wish I had smelled it before picking it up. I like the conditioner better than I like the shampoo. Makes my hair feel a bit thicker and helped with weather damage.My hair feels a lot smoother.

 My brushes, oh my brushes. What would I do without these three?? They all need a good clean by now. Real Techniques Powder brush and Expert face  brush. And a gigantic noname fan brush that I love to use for contouring and highlighting.

 You might’ve sen this in a haul. I like it a lot. But I only use it damp to go over my face after having applied my foundation with a brush. I tried using only this for foundation and almost had a fit. It took to long and was just too much of a faff really. Also like using it to put concealer underneath my eyes with the pointy end. I don’t get how people use only the beauty blender, which is about the same size as this, too put foundation on. Takes forever!!

 Borjouis Healthy mix serum foundation – Love, love, love this! Think I am running out of it, hard to tell even though it’s a glass bottle.
Nuxe Créme fraiche de beauté – this is not the mask but the real face cream. Love this as much as the mask and my skin is one happy camper. Whenever I get red and irritated and breaking out, I swap out my regular one for this and it all comes down in a matter of days. I am thinking of giving all other face creams the boot and only use this, no matter how pricey it is. Cuz, this is so worth it.
Rimmel Lasting finish primer – still going strong and delivering. When will this run out?

 L’Oreal Miss Manga Mega volume mascara. Won’t dwell here either. Can’t be without this. Had to revive it with a bit of Bioderma a couple of weeks ago. Will soon have to buy a new one.

 Victoria Secret Scandalous body mist. Say no more, love it! Smells heavenly!
Jennifer Lopez Live perfume. This brings me back. This was the first high end perfume I treated myself to. It went with me to London when I went there the first time. My second year at a new school. All the struggle at school and life and still being newly in love with my boyfriend.
Was so happy when I found this again online. Thought it was discontinued.

And now I am turning into TalkBeckyTalk. Wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, she seems very lovey and beautiful inside out. Putting this in because I have been ill with a cold for and entire month. Driving me absolutely nuts. And this peppermint tea has helped my soar throat and coughing a lot. Smells and tastes yummi. And, did you know that peppermint is anti inflammatory?

I am sorry this is going up so late. My computer and internet and this platform have all been working against me all week, This was meant to go up last Tuesday. but I am posting this as soon as I am done typing, before anything else goes wrong.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend. I am gonna watch the finals of FormulaDrift. Wish I was in Irwindale and could watch it live.

Have a lovely one!

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