L’Oreal False Lash Wings Intenza

I was very sad to see my Miss Mango go. I almost immediately replaced it with the all new sparkling False Lash Wings Intenza mascara from L’Oreal. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this already. Or it’s predecessor.

It comes in a silver-chromed packaging with a red top. the bottle design is the same as on the Miss Manga mascara. The brush is a silicone number that I do not care for at all! I just don’t like silicone brushes! But that is my personal opinion. They tend to clump up the product and irritate my eyes. The formula is very dry and waxy. You have to be quick about getting one coat on and get it right almost straight away because you can’t faff around with it. The formula is so dry that it won’t allow it! I’ve never had a mascara with this dry formula before! Annoying to the max! But on the plus side it is intensely black!

It claims it have fibers in it but honestly, I haven’t noticed. But I have noticed that it’s near on impossible to get even on both eyes! One eye gets really well and the other gets totally messed up!
In total this was a total fail for me! Might actually throw it away. Mascaras are a thing that you shouldn’t pass on to others due to bacteria. Or I would give it to my sister so she could give a second opinion on it! Sorry love!

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