Heat failure

I think everyone now and again does things they normally wouldn’t. Things they know won’t really work or shouldn’t be done. But we simply have to try. Take me for example. I very well know that not all plastics like heat. But did I think twice before I tried straight brushing my hair with a blow drier set to maximum heat? No. Did the hairbrush like it? Not even the slightest. Lucky enough it’s just one of those knock-offs of the Tangle Teezer because I don’t see the point of spending way too much money on a hairbrush. No matter how wonderful it is.

This cost me a fraction of the original and I didn’t get too upset when I ruined it. Just very annoyed with myself. I replaced it within the hour and now I enjoy a new fresh life changing hairbrush!
I suffer from very flexible hair. When I brush out a very stubborn knot, with an ordinary hairbrush, my hair will automatically self-retract into a new knot. Almost like the self-retracting dog leashes. But not with this, It’s a dream to use. I was very skeptical how that would work it’s way through my long hair but it works amazingly well. Dry or wet.

No hair was harmed during the incident. The brush melted and the blow drier got a bit overheated and refused to start again for a while.

All in all, great brush for the hair, not that great for heat.

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