Rimmel Apocalips

I think I finally decided what I think about this since I don’t reach for it knowingly. Either I got a bad one, an unflattering color or I simply don’t get the hype around them. Not everything is for everyone.

 The packaging is stunning!

 A doefoot kind of applicator.

An orangey coral color.  500 Luna.

The packaging is so nice! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lipgloss so nicely designed. The applicator is nice, picks up a lot of color and distributes it nicely. It smells awful! Like a fermented peach! The color is very very potently coral on the orange side of things. You can get it subtle if you thin it out. I don’t think the color is for me. The formula isn’t sticky at all but to me on my lips it feels drying and not so nice as I had hoped. Picking colors from photos aren’t the easiest thing to do. Who knows, I might get braver or more daring in oh, the next six months or so.

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