July Favorites

I tried to get really creative this month with my faves. So that you guys wouldn’t have to read almost the same post this time as my last faves.

This must be this months absolute winner! I am obsessed! I got this on TalkBeckyTalks recommendation. And girl, she was right! It really works!! I am the type of person who has really thin hair and loses all volume I might get in under ten minutes. But not with this. Now my hair is bigger and fluffier. There is a slight drawback though, it feels like it builds up in the roots a little. I might have to make my own purifying shampoo, because we don’t have it here!!

An old favorite of mine! Do we recognize it? I did a review on this way back when I first started this blog. I must say it works like a dream with a primer underneath. It is a must for it. And the color is just right for me this time of year.

I finally made up my mind about this hyped concealer and I like it. Doh, it’s in my faves! I’m sorry I’m being so silly today, it’s that kinda day. It stays on all day, even on me. It doesn’t dry out or crease or exaggerate any dry patches I might have. This particular shade (15) works better right now as a highlighter than a concealer.

This is the only repetitive part I promise. LOOOOVE IT!

Yes people,  am slightly obsessed with this trio! Who knew?! These actually stay put all day with zero creasing with a primer underneath! I think I made it through half a day with no creasing without a primer. To me that is mindboggling!! Go get it! WetnWilds Walking on eggshells!

I really hope I can get back to posting more regularly but work takes up all my time right now. And frankly, I’m having way too much fun at work to be too sad about it. My work allows me to pay for my beauty obsession. Am I right?

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