Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer

Today I thought I’d finally share my thoughts of the Elf contouring duo I picked up ages ago. I’ve read somewhere that it’s a close dupe for NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher. I know NARS is and expensive brand and has a very avid following. I’ve looked at their things and swatched it. I wasn’t blown away and didn’t feel on spending that much money at the time. If this was any good or close to good I considered trying the real deal. But since we are all so different that might be a risk in itself as well.

 The packaging itself looks very much like Nars. Maybe a little bulkier on the top.

 The blush is a rosy pink with golden specks in it and the bronzer  looks like a warm chocolatebrown with golden glitters in it as well. But doesn’t look shimmery in any way so it should be good to contour with.

Here we get to the problem. First off, my hand is more tanned than in the picture but this was the best shot where the colors matched the reality. To the left we have the blusher wet, middle dry and to the right we have the bronzer. 
Yes you guessed it. The bronzer, which was the reason I bought it, is too muddy for me. When I wasn’t tanned at all I looked like an oompa loompa. I should’ve taken a picture just to show you now. First thing I did was put my brush in it, gave it a good swirl, and on my face it went. A real rookie mistake loading it up and smack it on my face. You should build up the color you moron! Me being the moron here, not you guys! But we are all beginners at some point and I didn’t think it would show up that much. It put me off for using it ever again. But I did and never did that mistake again. Now I have problem getting it to show up at all! I think the overspray was more pigmented than the actual product itself. Either way, I’m very confused by the product. From oompa loompa to nothing seems weird.
The blusher looks really nice and subtle. I am a very rosy person in myself so I am terrified of using blushers. I have tried it a few times and it wont show up on me. Looks really lovely swatched.
Have anyone of you tried this? Thoughts?

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