Revlon Goodies

I had my poor sis running around Tokyo just to find me some Revlon Color Burst crayons. I’ve been all over them since I first saw them. They kicked off the lip crayon trend for me and I’ve been dying to get my mitts on them. Sadly they aren’t sold here or anywhere close to me so I asked her to look for me whilst she was over there. And now I have pleanty to play with. I’ve tried honey, complex and the lipbutter Juicy Papaya so far. I’ve yet to give them a green flag and try them all out. So far I like the lipbutter the best. Honey is a very close mlbb for me. I’ve got raspberry colored lips by nature. I looked and read all kinds of reviews and swatched before I decided to spring for these.

 42 Juicy Papaya, 01 Honey, 15 Demure, 10 Elusive, 05 Complex.
 They all came in cute plastic packaging. All the text on them except name and number are in Japanese and I get zero if it! Worse is that all the text on the crayons themselves are in Japanese. My only way of knowing their names in the future is either to memorise them or save the plastics. 
Same order as above.

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