Bad Mascara

Do you guys know when it’s time to throw away your mascara? I bet everyone of you have your own tells.
When it starts to get dry and flaky is a great warningsign that you might have to
replace it sometime soon. Another one that I just discovered is when it starts to irritate your eyes. Like you’ve got bits of mascara falling into your eyes all day and they itch and hurt. It’s gotten to the point where I get a headache from it! I will not do this to myself anymore! I can’t grow new eyes. Evolution and science haven’t cracked that nut yet. Freaky if they had?

Got any suggestions for me? I’ve been eyeing Lancomes Hypnose Star mascara for ages! You know the one with glitter on the end of the bottle! I almost got last years special edition of it. The funky stars from Alba Elbaz. But I’m trying to hold out in case they do something like that this year.

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