Nail it Friday: Kicks Grey

Even though the sun is shining I felt like going a bit darker, a bit more natural. After having worn colors for so long I felt like a color-detox was in order. I opted for a grey polish with just a hint of shimmer to it. It’s very subtle and hardly visible.

 3 coats of grey in the picture.

It’s a cool toned grey bordering on the blue side. It applies thin and somewhat uneven. You’ll have to be very patient and have loads of time to get this one right. And knowing me, always on the go and about, I mess it up more times than not. But when I get it right, oh my, it’s beautiful! It wears really well. But be ware, use a base coat or it will stain your nails. They’ll go a bit yellowish. To spark things up a bit I put a dark grey/black polish with silverglitters over the grey on my ring fingers. I love me some silversparkle! I’ve had it for about a week now and only have some tip wear, but no chipping!
All in all, I like it, but I wish the application were a bit more even and predictable.

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