Nail it Friday: IsaDora Bon Bon

It wasn’t too long ago all the textured varnishes surfaced on the market here. I’ve been eager to try one ever since. My eyes first landed on IsaDoras varnishes. They are for some reason really good, all of them. Next to Essie, they are my favorites. And they just launched their summer colors.

 I got it in twoo colors, but we’ll start with this one.
134 Bon Bon.
It is the softest pastelly pink. It looks like a million sugarcrystals have been mushed in there. The finish is more o the satin than shiny or matte. It is surprisingly easy to get even. You can get it sheer in one coat and build it up as you go. I prefer three coats of this, it dries fast and wears well. As far as removal goes it just glides right of. And that my ladies are the most surprising part of all! It’s nothing like gittery polishes that are a nigtmare to remove. I just wish it would’ve been a tiny more bit pink than white.
79 SEK (£7.13, $11.99 and 8.67 Euro)

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