Cliniderm Sensitive Comfort

I’ve just about had enough of my skin giving me a hard time. So I decided to spend some money on it and use one product at a time, fighting one problem at a time. Because, there is no super cream to do it all.

It comes in a plastic frosty looking container with a pump. As you can see I’ve used about half of it already. I try to use it both  morning and night.

This lil guy contains hyaluronic acid and a form of vitamin B3. I’ve seemed to have recycled the carton with all the info on. Anyway, it is supposed to battle redness in the long run, reduce discomfort and skin reactivity. It has a sibling in the line that battles it immediately and is somewhat heavier in consistency. This is a lightweight formula that sinks right in. And because of the hyaluronic acid it will bring some elasticity to your skin. 

 So far I haven’t noticed that I am getting less red or less irritated skin. It is still the same. It reacts on everything around me. I’ve been using this for over a month now so I should’ve noticed some change. I will say this, when it does flush up, it doesn’t get as bad as it used to.

No, I don’t own a cat. A working incident that now makes me look like I have claw marks or scarification.

It doesn’t smell of anything. Just dermatological. I’m not hating it but I’m also not loving it. I’m happy I paid half price for it and not full price, since it is kinda pricey for not being awesome!

50ml originally 229 SEK £21, $35.23 and 25.54 Euro.

Which is your holy skin grail?

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