Im so sorry!

I told myself from the start that I would post on here whenever I felt like it or had sonething worth sharing. That I wouldn’t have a regular schedule or make excises when I didn’t post. But here I am, gonna apologize for not posting this week. You are a few but dear bunch and more than I could’ve imagined. So, the lack of posts are due to alot of things. I’ve moved into a house this weekend and spent all last week painting and organizing and this week I’m working 55h at my day job. I am so exhausted right now! And my car, the love of my life, decided to bail on me yet again. So I will spend my only free day this week changing headgasket. Again! That is so unglam and so nonebeauty. But it is the other side of me! I hope you understand. I will try to do much more blogging and preparing next week. If work doesn’t swallow me whole!

Much love Fia

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