50 Random facts about Me

I thought I would do the 50 random facts about me tag. I’ve seen it go around for a few years and I thought I’d give it a go. Let’s see if I can make it to 50 shall we?

1. I’m the oldest sister out of three.
2. I am a scorpion and you will notice it in the way that I’m very headstrong, loyal and passionate. I feel first and think second.
3. English is my second language and I have studied it since the age of 10.
4. I absolutely love cars! I race them and tune them myself!
5. I love anything sparkly and shiny which makes me think I’ve been a cat in a past life. Either that or a queen.
6. I used to compete in figure skating.
7. I have a Shetland sheepdog which is bluemerle and called Tander.
8. I cannot for the life of me wear red thing. I look like a toad 😉
9. I’m just starting to like Christmas again.
10. I don’t like any sports involving a ball.
11. I’ve always lived in the same country.
12. In school I was the smart, shy girl in the corner who everyone else made fun of.
13. I love dancing but I don’t want to do it in public.
14. I don’t think I’ll ever get quite grown up.
15. My favorite color used to be blue, but one day I woke up and changed my mind and now it’s purple!
16. I love my sisters and would do anything for them.
17. I put friends and family ahead of myself.
18. I find it easier to remember things my fiance tells me rather than reading it myself.
19. I remember only things I find interesting for a longer period of time than things I find boring. They go straight through my ears.
20. From the age of 15 to 18 I studied to become a furniture designer as we call it, you would probably say carpenter.
21. I graduated that and went straight on to work at a pharmacy for nearly three years. Then studied car panting for a year and now I’m back at working part time at a pharmacy.
22. I am the type of person you can’t put in a category. I have interests and skills all over the board, which makes finding a career path I’m passionate about very difficult.
23. When I’m out and about I make sure I smile and are happy. I might be the only smiling, happy and nice person someone might meet that day.
24. I get very annoyed if someone is a know-it-all and try to correct me about things they have no insight too.
25. I hate being forced to do things. Either I don’t do it at all or I do it my way.
26. I am terrified of spiders, which is kinda funny since I am a scorpion.
27. I am allergic to nuts, onions and chili.
28. I always eat breakfast in front of my computer.
29. I love wearing hoodies. Not very stylish but I love them.
30. Almost there! I am the best at procrastinating. And them I get so angry with myself.
31. If I’m at home with nothing planned I’ll slouch around in comfy clothes with no makeup.
32. I’ve gotten way to used to write on a computer that my handwriting is absolutely rubbish nowadays. Shame on me.
33. My dream car as of now is a Lexus LFA. Only 500 made and they are way too expensive.
34. My first car was a Hyundai Atos that I inherited from my grandfather. I am so ashamed of that car!
35. I went to both my proms without a date.
36. Whilst studying to become a designer I was the only girl in my class for three years.
37. I get bored very easily. Both of things and things I do.
38. My best friend is my fiance.
39. I’ve always been something of a loner and I had to work very hard on my social skills.
40. I’ve never won anything in my life except an obedience class with Tander. Good doggy.
41. I am right handed.
42. I prefer giving stuff over receiving.
43. I care way to much what others think of me.
44. I don’t like scary movies. But I like Shutter Island.
45. If someone is nagging me about something or always speak about something I get so tired of that specific thing that I dislike it. Like everyone was so hyped over Westife and kept nagging me about it that I stopped listening to them.
46. I don’t have a favorite movie, actor or song.
47. I really love clever designs where you can tell that the designer took it a step further and really thought it thru.
48. I prefer things to be stylish, clean and organized. I don’t like a cluttery home.
49. Pinterest is my new obsession. I love looking at home decor.
50. Finally made it! I am so happy you read all this nonsense and therefore I thank you.

I’d love to read 50 facts about you! Yes you! You matter!

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