Good gue and not so great

I made a promise to myself to my face to try and use more mass. How did it go you may wonder. Well, not so great! I have done it three times since then and that’s it. I just don’t make time for it. It’s silly but I don’t.

I picked up four claymasks which you might’ve seen in my haul post. They’re from the British brand with the very intriguing name Formula 10.0.6

They are meant to be for one use per packaging and there’s two of each. But there is so much in them that you could use it twice per packaging! But I didn’t since I couldn’t reseal it and that would just make it gross.

First look at them makes them seem to be the same thing. The orange is more of a deep cleaning mask and the pink one more of a clarifying pore minimizing mask. The orange smells like an orange and is very pleasant. It contains said oranges, seasalt and bergamott. It feels a bit warm on the skin which it said it could but it is in no way uncomfortable. My sensitive and very easily aggrivated skin loved this mask! I will definetly buy this again and I think I’ll even buy it in a tube.

Now on to the pink one. It did absolutely nothing for my skin! I have one left that I refuse to use! Wied how I can ove one and dislike another from the same brand. It is supposed to smell like strawberries which it contains. And it kinda does but not in a pleasant way. I don’t like fakesmelling strawberry scents at all. It contains those strawberries, rosemarin and yarrow. Whatever that is.

They were 20 SEK each ( £1.86 & $3.02 ) so they are very cheap. One big thumbs up and one ee not that great.

Have you tried anything from the brand?

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