September Favorites

Can you believe it? It’s October already!! How on earth did that happen? I remember thinking waaay back in January that wonder how this year is gonna be? Is it gonna be a good fast paced one or is it gonna drag it’s feet. I guess I have  my answer now.
So what have I been liking through September? Not that much new stuff I’m afraid. It’s been a pretty basic and sick month for me so I haven’t worn that much makeup. And when I have, it has been either the maybelline rosemetallicy one or a standard brownbronzy eye. I am trying to play around with some more darker browns and matte colors. It is hard! And for nails..Oh my I almost only own summery colors!

 My trusty bodylotion which I have done a full review of.
 Coca smelling finegritted bodyscrub from a brand I’ve never heard of before.
 My go to red sparkly nailpolish from Essie. Leading Lady. LOVE it!
 My first ever eyeshadowprimer ever! It’s from makeupstore and works really well. It even makes my cheap eyeshadows last all day.
 Makeup store microshadow in 2A1 Satin. My favorite highllighter or all over base.
It’s very sparkly and shear once you blend it out.
Have you tried any of these?

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