Magic Bodylotion?

Let’s talk some bodylotion shall we. I’ve been searching a long time for a lotion that actually nurishes my skin and makes a visible difference. I found this by accident and decided to give it a whirl. And it is the best accident I’ve ever found! It is the L’Oreal sublime body. I’m guessing it’s a part of the sublime series which includes a body-bronzer. I’m not sure. It promises to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours and let me tell you it does. Sadly enough I didn’t take any before pictures of my skin but it looked like cracked savannah earth. Now it’s smooth and visibly less dry. I’ve been using it for about a month or so but not every day. I’m really abd at using these things on a regular basis. I noticed a big difference already the next day but thought it had to be my imagination. But no. It really does work like magic.

It smells very citrusy but nothing abnoxious. It was very affordable too. 40SEK (£3.93 & $6.32)
And best of all, it’s light weight and soaks into your skin immediately and leaves no stickyness at all!

Have you tried this? What’s your thoughts?

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