Twice as pink

Not that long ago I posted a picture on instagram of my new nailpolishes I was super excited to try out. I love me some nailpolish! I didn’t own any pinks so I thought it approperiate to get some. And they were 25 SEK (£2,49 & $3,79) each which is pretty cheap.

I’m trying to get better at using a basecoat under my polishes so I don’t stain my nails. The one I’m using here isn’t really a basecoat as much as a polish I had laying around. I’m not that old so I need the age repair properties but it’s nice and I got it for free a few years back.

I was most excited to try the light pink one, thinking I had ordered a pastelly pink. Oh was I out for a surprise! It’s more of a nude peachy pink with silver and golden sparkles in it. And let me be the first one to say that I usually love glitter in nailpolishes, but not this one. It applies streaky at first and without the basecoat it looked really bad. It looks alot nicer with the basecoat with peachy undertones. No, I really don’t like this one! I only put on one coat in the picture because that’s as pretty as it will ever get. With two it looks piggy pink and with three it looks more similiar to the bottle but still not what I want.

I was very unsure about the fushia and ordered it thinking if I didn’t like it I could always give it to someone else. Surprise surprise I did like it! Like alot! It’s the perfect toenail colour! It’s a redish pink with somewhat blue undertones! It’s really pretty and makes my skin look a bit more tanned than it really is. I had it on for two days and worked really hard with my hands before it started to show signs of chipping. So with normal use and a topcoat over I think this has a great staying power!

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