Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Unboxing

I debated with myself for absolutely ages whether or not to get a palette. If I was worth that kind of splurge and if I could afford it. When I finally ticked all the boxes I literally talked my fiances ears of to go get it. I bugged him for two weeks non stop to get it. My nearest Sephora and the only place that sells it is an hours drive away. I could go by myself but I love his input in the makeup stores and I love taking long drives with him. Sounds cheesy hu? So late a Saturday night he surprised me with a shopping trip.
 And now, it’s finally mine! MINE!!! Mohahahahaha
 Love that you have the names of the shadows on the back.
 So stinking cute packaging!
 I tried the Milk Chocolate look the very next day. Did not take a pic of it for you to enjoy.
 It smells amazing! You don’t even have to get it out of the box and open it to enjoy the scent.
But, I don’t think it smells anything like chocolate. Maybe like white chocolate. To me it smells like vanillin sugar.
 All the shades are utterly gorgeous! Even the shades I was, and still are, afraid of to wear on my eyes.
 You can get so many looks out of this. You can take a really soft neutral look to a smokey nighttime look in a jiffy. Mattes and shimmers galore.
 I promise you this is the very real thing. However, mine did come without the plastic cover thingy on the inside. The on e that protects the shadows and have all the names on. That was a major disappointment but not a single shadow was touched. And I don’t think our Sephoras here does returns so. I shrugged it of and I will never ever throw the packaging away. Mine lives in it in a drawer.
Extra bonus try out things. I jumped for joy to get my hands on glamglow!
I looooove my palette and next to the kitchen it is the best thing I’ve spent my money on this year! I used it for a week nonestop but then I got ecsema on one of my eyelids. TMI I know. I was terrified I had have an allergic reaction to this But it just turned out to be ecsema. And I’ve had it before so now I’ve been without eyeshadows or anything on my eyes for a week straight. Worst week ever!!

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