What I got for my birthday 2014

So someone over here happened to have a birthday and just happened to get some lovely gifts from her family and loved ones. I am by no means bragging or showing off. I just simply want to share with you guys what I got and show my family some appreciation.

 A cook-book about chocolate, a NYX Trio, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

 A cookiestand with a glasslid filled with the tiniest little chocolate muffins.

 An owl cookie stencil. I think that’s what they are called. Anyway you fill it up with cookie dough and it comes out owl shaped. Mega cute!

 And from a special nerdy someone I got a new motherboard, RAM and a new CPU.

 Way to nice of a gift but I really needed some new components for my gaming rig! Not beautyrelated either but my blog my rules!
Thank you so much for the lovely gifts! I loved every one of them! 

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