Which palette?

Guys, I seriously need your feedback on this! I am seriously considering to spend some money on myself and treat me a nice palette! I spend money on my loved ones without thinking twice about it. But on myself? Hardly ever. So for once, I thought of being nice to myself. Because you know I’m worth it. But then comes the next problem. Which one should I get? The Naked 1, 2, 3 or basic? Or the Too Faced chocolate bar? Or one of Sleeks? Or one of Benefits boxes? Or Smashbox? The Lorac Pro lloks like fun but I don’t think I can get ahold of it here.  You see my dilemma? Which one is worth it? Which one is the most versatile? And which one to avoid? Doesn’t have to be one I’ve mentione either. Any opinion is welcome! I was completely snowed in on the Naked palettes and debated which one to get but then I found the chocolate bar. 
Best help might get rewarded a little something.

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